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My Husband, Warm The Bed – S01 E1635 by : 8:03 am On October 9, 2021
My Husband, Warm The Bed – S01 E1635

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1635

“Boyfriend? What kind of boyfriend? Zhuang Momo… ” Roaring and roaring, Zhuang Yindi just noticed the content of Zhuang Momo’s words, and suddenly stopped.

After a few seconds, Zhuang Yindi yelled: “Zhuang Momo, do you know what you are talking about? When did young people learn to cheat? Boy friend? You look at the way you dress up all day. You never look at yourself as a woman. Any man can look at you. “

It’s not that Zhuang Yindi despises her sister, but that she dresses herself up as a man every day and doesn’t have the heart to fall in love. How can she suddenly have a boyfriend.

Without waiting for Zhuang Mo to answer, Zhuang Yindi suddenly thought of a man: “Mo Mo, you are in the hospital now, and the boyfriend you said is Mr. Zhan?”

“Yes! Who else would he be? ” Before that man let Zhuang Momo heart, she gently smile way, “or my dearest second sister most know me.” “Zhuang Momo, you…” Zhuang Yindi knows that love is not a matter of thinking or not, but she still has to deal with it. Zhuang Momo is her favorite little sister. She doesn’t teach this girl who will teach her. “Momo, I told you two days ago that we, the playful young man at the end of war, can’t be bothered by ordinary people. You girl didn’t listen to me, and her brain rusted? You even ran to the hospital in the middle of the night in the rain and called him your boyfriend. ” “Second sister, don’t get excited. You can hear me out.” Zhuang Yindi is so anxious that she can’t wait to put on a pair of wings and fly to Zhuang Momo. But Zhuang Momo is not worried at all. “Second sister, I know you care about me, but you should make things clear. Before you get to the bottom of things, listen to me. “

Zhuang Yindi calmed himself: “OK, speak slowly, I’ll listen.”

Zhuang Mo Mo said again, “second sister, it’s not that I’m obsessed with him, it’s that he actively pursues me.”

Zhuang Yindi stroked her forehead: “Mo Mo, do you have a fever?”

Zhuang Momo: “second sister doesn’t believe me? Or do you think I’m not worthy of the end of the war? “

“No, I am…” Zhuang Yindi is really speechless, but she can’t care so much. “Momo, it’s not that the second sister doesn’t believe you. I’m worried that war is not serious to you. I’m worried that he just wants to play with you.” Zhuang Yindi’s worry, Zhuang Momo will not not not understand: “second sister, maybe I have a fever and do something confused.”. But second sister, I don’t regret that I promised to try to get along with him. There are some things that I don’t experience personally, but listen to others too one-sided, so I want to see for myself if Zhan Li is as playful as you say. “

“Mo Mo……”

“Second sister, it’s you who told me that we need to have more love when we are young, so we can remember the beautiful things when we are old. Why am I really going to talk now? Why are you worried? “

“Because you are such a girl, you should know the truth when you do things and make friends. I’m afraid that you can’t get out of the hole when you plunge into the end of the war.” “Second sister, I’ve grown up. I’m no longer a little girl who follows you behind your ass every day and asks you to buy me lollipops. You have to believe that if your sister is so good, how can she get into a pit and not come out? ” Zhuangmomo smiled with ease. “If Zhan LiMao dare to pursue others during his association with me, I will make him regret being a man in his life. After dealing with him, I’ll find another man who is ten times better than him. “

After listening to Zhuang Mo Mo’s words, Zhuang Yindi was relieved: “little girl, you can deceive others, don’t try to deceive me.”

“I didn’t want to cheat you, so I’ll be honest as soon as I get your call.” “In front of the second sister, I’m like I’m naked,” said Zhuang mo

“Well, don’t flatter your second sister. I’ll hang up if you’re OK. We’ll have a good chat when you come back. ” Then Zhuang Yindi hung up.

Listen to the busy phone call, Zhuang Mo Mo thought of something about Zhuang Yindi.

Zhuang Yindi hasn’t made a few boyfriends these years. She changes them almost every month. She tells others that she is serious about every relationship.

Zhuang Yindi’s words are not believed by others, but Zhuang Momo believes them.

Zhuang Momo knows what kind of character her second sister is. She loves every relationship seriously, even though she is covered with bruises and bruises, she goes forward bravely until she finds the man who belongs to her in her life.

She also learned a kind of spirit from Zhuang Yindi. No matter whether there is any result after starting a relationship, she should treat it sincerely. Well, Zhuang Momo made a joyful decision. No matter whether the relationship between him and Zhan Li ended or not, at least now she promised to associate with him. Then don’t think about it. Start the relationship well, or many years later, when they are old, occasionally think about it. This love is also a valuable life experience.

With this idea in mind, the sun also shines on the corridor through the window and on Zhuang Momo.

Facing the sun, Zhuang Momo closed his eyes gently and said to himself silently, “Zhuang Momo, since you have decided, don’t be afraid, come on!”

“Give way, please give way…” In the corridor, a few doctors and nurses dressed in white coats suddenly ran to let the people in the corridor let them, and they were close to themselves. Zhuang Mo went to Zhan Li’s terminal ward door, but the doctors and nurses pulled her away, “please let me go.”

“What’s the matter?” Zhuangmomo was not prepared and was pushed back by doctors and nurses.

The medical staff didn’t explain to Zhuang Momo. They didn’t want to explain. They were so anxious that they didn’t have time to explain. Because they had just received the emergency signal from the end ward of the war, a group of people rushed to check the situation. How could they have time to pay attention to Zhuang Momo.

A group of people rushed to open the door, and Zhuang Momo immediately followed in.

“Son Zhan, what’s wrong with you?” Asked the leading doctor. “I didn’t…” Zhan limo wanted to say that my young master was not uncomfortable, but he saw Zhuang Momo who was following the medical staff at a glance, and then the conversation turned around. “My young master is not comfortable. The wound all over his body has been torn, and you have no one to take care of it. Do you really want to see me die?”

The doctor immediately examined the wound for Zhan liming, but there were no abnormalities in other wounds except for two small tears: “Zhan childe, your wound…”

“I know my wound is very badly torn, but you don’t have to worry too much. I can stand this injury,” Zhan said

Doctor: “Mr. Zhan, it’s not…” At the end of the war, he interrupted again: “Dr. Wang, what is it?”

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