Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

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Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

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Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update by : 9:00 pm On October 9, 2021

Veer says Jiji you are wrong this time, All are shocked, Veer says Pakhi and Riya are right, its kumu’s life, let her live, whats the problem, Jiji says enough, what you had to say you did, now you don’t have to say, I have understood, this Pakhi who never gives your respect, she is more than you now today.

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Veer says its different thing, Jiji says I got to know whats my place in house, she leaves from there. Veer ask all to prepare for marriage. he leaves. Nandini says to Pakhi that this is in my fate, I cant marry without jiji’s blessing, Pakhi says don’t worry, your engagement will happen with Jiji’s blessing only and today, she leaves.

Nandini smirks and says I enjoyed it.
Kumu comes to Jiji and says forgive me, I was about to tell you but I was afraid, you are everything for me, Jiji says you lied to me because of that Riya, that Pakhi insulted me, I am hurt, Kumu says I am sorry, Pakhi comes and says please forgive her, she couldn’t tell you as she was afraid of you, this happens, we become so protective for our kids that kids start hiding things from us and this happened with Kumu too, jiji leaves from there, Kumu says I have done a mistake, I should have told jiji truth, Pakhi says Jiji is angry now, she will understand. Kumu says Veer and Jiji love each other and because of me their relation is soared, Pakhi says don’t worry Veer will pacify Jiji.

Veer comes to Jiji and sits in her feet, Veer says time is passing so fastly, all have to run with time, Kumu have to get confidence to live life, whats the need to make her study if you want to make her stay in house only. You didn’t stop me, Charu and Nandini to do anything, so why you are doing this with Kumu, please forgive her on my insistence, Jiji says ok, but its your responsibility to see that Kumu doesn’t leave good path, she doesn’t do anything wrong, Veer says yes she is my responsibility, and she will not do anything that will hurt you, Jiji smiles and Forgives Veer too.

Ayan comes to eat laddo, Kumu says its for engagement, Ayan ask what is engagement? Pakhi says when two people are about to get married, they do engagement to promise that they will be together. yan says like Pakhi and Veer but they didn’t do engagement, Pakhi says see engagement of Nandini, Veer comes there and calls Girish, he ask him to come home with Lavanya and kids, he says I will come to take you if you don’t come. Nandini comes there dressed, Pakhi says you are looking very nice, Nandini says I don’t know how to say thanks to you, Ayan jokes with your mouth. The engagement ceremony starts.

Riya comes and starts dacing, she calls pakhi, they both dances on rajisthani song. All enjoys it. Riay sits with Veer while Pakhi is still dancing with full energy, Ayan is making video.

Veer gets call and goes up-stairs to attend it. All house ladies start dancing. Someone has placed rope in stairs, Veer starts coming from stairs when rope is pulled, Veer is about to fall but Pakhi holds him in time.

Veer says thanks, They find Rope in stairs, Veer says these decorators are careless, Pakhi says it was deliberate, Veer says not again Pakhi, All comes there and ask veer is he fine, he nods. Ayan ask about Groom, Charu says he should have come till now, Veer says I will call him, Veer calls him and finds his phone switched off, Veer says it maybe network problem, he ask all to go and sit with Nandini, all goes from there, Pakhi ask matter.

Veer says his phone is switched off, I will go to his house, Pakhi tells him address, Pakhi says I will come with you as I think that It was another attempt on you, Veer says I don’t care what you think, jiji comes and ask Veer to go, Veer looks at Pakhi and leaves.

Lavanya says to girish that Veer didn’t call us again to invite, Lavanya says in a way I am daughter to jiji and they should come to take me for engagement and Pakhi used to come to our house to take me but now she is least interested, I was right to shift from here, Girish says I have posted ad for selling this house.

Veer comes back, Pakhi ask about Kanwal, Veer says he nowhere to be found, there was lock on his house, all are shocked.

Veer says to family that kanwa’s house was locked, Pakhi says I am not understanding anything, Veer says his neighbours doesn’t even know about him much. Nandini says I knew this is my fate, one broke realtion and other ran away without making relation, Veer says don’t worry, it happens, maybe he is anxious as its happening to fast, don’t worry, Jiji says I told you to not do engagement today, now see the guy run away. She leaves, Pakhi thinks is Jiji behind all this, Nandini says I will not take Kanwal’s call from now on, all leaves. Pakhi says to Riya that I will go to Kanwal’s house and will break lock of his house and will try to find truth.

Lavanya is sadly sitting, Girish comes and says tell Pakhi that we are shifting from here, she is part of our life so she should know our decision, call her.

Pakhi comes in Kanwal’s house, finds her necklace in his house which Charu had stolen. she says that if Charu is doing all this then why is jiji giving intoxicated milk to Veer, Pakhi calls charu and says I want to meet you, come in garden, black gloves of mysterious person are in Kanwal’s house, Lavanya calls Pakhi and says can you come to meet me? Pakhi says I will meet you tomorrow, she ends call. Lavanya says to Girish that Pakhi doesn’t have time for me, she is too much involved in her new life, she will come tomorrow but we will not be here.

Charu comes in garden, Pakhi comes there with necklace and ask Charu the truth. Pakhi says you lie t everyone, you say you have illness to take things but how did these things went to Kanwal’s house, you stole all these things and gave to kanwal, she says I can send you to jail, you said that you don’t even know Kanwal, Charu says I didn’t do anything, this is truth that I stole everything and gave to Kanwal, Pakhi says how do you know him.

Charu says I know him from before marriage, he lured me in his talks and gave me one packet to give it to someone, I saw drugs in packet and Kanwal recorded all this in his mobile phone from then he is blackmailing me to give money to him else he will show video to Police, she says I didn’t want Nandini to marry Kanwal but I couldn’t do anything, she says Nandini must be lured by him only, Charu ask Pakhi to not tell anyone, she hugs Pakhi, Pakhi thinks that Kanwal is related to all this, I have to find that Nandini is with him or Jiji.

Some dealers come to see house Girish and Lavanya, they like the house and deals with Girish. they leave the house, dealers talk and says that the offer I have given to them, they will be forced to sell their house, now their house will be snatched and also their money.

Pakhi says to Riya that this plan will work, we have only one day, that person will try to hit Veer but there is one problem, how we will make Veer understand to get admitted in hospital, Riya says you start talk with him, I will force him, he will not say no to me.

Riya and Pakhi comes to Veer, Pakhi says I want to talk to you, tomorrow’s day is very important, I feel that someone will try to kill you, Veer says this is baseless, why will anyone try to kill me.

Pakhi says your family, veer says that’s enough, you are judgmental, Riya says enough papa, you should listen to Pakhi too, this small family is very important for me and Ayan, this is not all co incidence, cant you go to hospital from me for just one day, Veer says ok stop crying, I am agreeing to do anything for you Riya but this is last time, clear your doubts as no one will attack on me, he says we will discuss plan in garden, they three go in garden area.

The plan starts, Jiji ask about veer, Pakhi says he has gone for meeting, she ask till when he will come? Pakhi says don’t know, Riya calls Pakhi, Pakhi takes call and starts pretending, she says what? which hospital veer is taken to? I am coming there, she tells Jiji that Veer became unconscious in meeting, doctor said he will be under observation for one day, all are tensed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


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