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When Love just happens – S01 E76

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When Love just happens – S01 E76 by : 1:09 pm On January 11, 2022

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 76

“This style, would look really lovely on you” Amaka pointed out to one of the dress patterns, which the designer had sketched out to show Jane.

Ever since the news of her and Jeffery’s engagement went public, different top designers in Lagos, have been approaching them, bidding for them to design Jane’s wedding dress. At first Jane was overwhelmed with the choice of who to pick, but finally she settled for one, because he was really good at what he does, and he also came highly recommended by a top celebrity, which also happened to be Jeffery’s good friend. The designer was going to design Jane and Amaka’s dress for the wedding.

“Yeah, I love the design too” Jane said to the designer, who was over the moon with joy that Jane liked his design.

“That would be lovely, so I would take your measurements” The designer brought out his tape rule as he spoke.

After they were through at the designer’s, Amaka went back home to rest as it was weekend, while Jane went over to Jeffery’s parents’ house. His mother had asked her to come, so they could pick designs for the hall decorations.

When Jane got there, Ronke was in the sitting room looking at some wedding brochures.

“Good afternoon ma” Jane greeted her, as she walked over to where she was seated.

“Oh my dear Jane, you are here already. Welcome my dear”

“Thank you ma”

“Well, don’t just stand there, come sit with me” Ronke patted the couch she was sitting on. Jane obliged her, and went over to sit on the couch.

“I was just going through the decoration designs, that the wedding planner brought to show me. Now that you are here, we can go through them together and pick a design for the hall decorations”

Jane could see the joy written all over her face, ever since she and Jeffery had told her, that they were getting married in a month’s time, she has been over the moon with excitement. It was exactly what she needed to take her mind off what has been happening in her family, especially after Erica’s surgery.

“Which would you prefer ma?” Jane asked, as they flipped through the pages of the brochures, and looked at the designs together.

“It’s your wedding dear, so which design would you prefer?” Jane pointed at a particular design she liked. She had chosen gold and army green, as her colors of the day. So that particular design was going to be a perfect fit.

“Then, this design it is then. Let’s check out the center pieces, and charger plates to be used”.

Jane and Ronke went through different brochures for different designs and patterns for the wedding day, until Jane became tired, and hungry. She looked at her soon to be mother in-law, as she kept smiling and making plans for the wedding, not showing any sign of tiredness. Isn’t she tired? Jane wondered within herself, now she knows where Jeffery got his tireless spirit from. She smiled as she remembered the first encounter she had with him in his house.

“I can see that you are tired, why don’t we stop here for now? Probably we can get something to eat, and then continue?” Ronke asked Jane as she yawned from exhaustion.

“Or maybe, we can continue another day? I really need to go home and rest ma” Jane said calmly, trying her best not to displease Ronke.

“Alright my dear, we will continue some other time. But we are still going to have that food though” she led Jane into the kitchen, where she served out two plates of yam sauce, and some freshly cooked yam, which Jane suspected the housekeeper must have prepared while they were busy picking out designs.

“Would you please, help me take those to the dinning, while I get us some water?” She said to Jane who quickly carried the plates to the dinning.

“I need you to be free around me my dear” Ronke said to Jane as they sat down to eat. “I noticed you have been a little uptight, and I need you to know that you can see me as your mother. Okay?”

“Thank you ma”

“I’m glad, you and my son have decided to go on with the wedding, despite what has been happening in your relationship. This is a thing of joy, I can’t wait for you both, to start having your own children, or wait o, are you already pregnant? Is that why you both are rushing the wedding?” Ronke was looking at Jane with scrutiny.

The yam Jane had in her mouth got stuck in her throat as she tried to swallow it, this caused her to choke. Jeffery’s mother, quickly got up from her seat, and started rubbing Jane’s back as she gave her some water to drink.

“Sorry my dear, drink more water” she continued to rub on Jane’s back, even when she has stopped coughing.

“Thank you ma” Jane said to her, still not knowing what to make of the woman’s question.

“It’s okay, my dear I shouldn’t have asked you a question when I knew you had food in your mouth. I’m sorry my darling”

“It’s not your fault ma”

“It’s okay” she went back to her seat. ”So are you pregnant?” She asked again not giving up on the question.

“No ma, I’m not pregnant”

“Okay, that’s good. In as much as I would want to carry you and Jeffery’s child, I still think things should be done in the right order”

“Yes ma” Even though Jane didn’t understand what the woman meant, by things being done in the right order.

“The wedding is just few weeks away, I would advise you both stay away from each other. No need in engaging in what you will be doing, for the rest of your life together. So that means you can’t have sex with my son, until after the wedding. Do you understand what I’m saying my dear?”

“Yes ma” Jane quickly finished her food and begged to leave, with the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well.

As Jane stepped out of the house, she received a call from Jeffery. She picked up the phone smiling. “Hey handsome”

“Hi there, beautiful are you still at my parents’ house?”

“I’m just leaving there now”

“I’m around the area, I’m coming to pick you up”

Few minutes later, Jeffery came to pick Jane up from front of his parents’ gate.

“Aren’t you going to stop by, and say hi to your mom?” She asked Jeffery who wasn’t making any attempt to go inside as he took her purse from her, and opened her side of the door for her.

“Nah, we already saw this morning, and I just spoke to my dad on the phone, he said he isn’t home”

When they got into the car, Jeffery bent over and kissed her. “I have missed you so much”

“But we were together this morning?”

“And this is 6pm already, enough time for me to miss my fiancée”

“You just love using that word, don’t you?”

“You have no idea, you just wait until we are officially married, I’m so going to use the word wife, you would get tired”

”How did your meeting Lauretha go?”

”It went well, we are working things out gradually” Jeffery didn’t want to tell her, Lauretha had given him an ultimatum to breakup with Jane, and then marry her, or forget about seeing his son.

When they got to Jeffery’s house, Jane went upstairs to her room and took the bag containing her things.

“What are you doing?” Jeffery asked.

“I’m going back to my apartment”

“Why? I thought you were planning on staying here until tomorrow?”

“Yeah, but that was before I had a talk with your mother”

“You had a talk with my mother? What about?”

“Well….. she sort of said; we shouldn’t be involved in things that we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives together”

“What things are you talking about?”

“Well you know, like sleeping together, and having sex”

Jeffery smiled as he walked over to where Jane was. He raised her chin with his hand, gently teased her lips with a kiss, then slowly deepened the kiss, making Jane to drop the bag she was holding on the floor. And in a spilt second, he had her against the wall, using of his hands to hold her two hands above her head, in a firm grip. He held her body against the wall with his hips. His lips still on hers, his tongue expertly exploring her mouth. Janes moans into his mouth as her tongue joined his, in an unhurried, and steady erotic dance.

“Are you sure you really sure you don’t want us to do this?” He whispers into her ear. Jane was immobilized with need, completely captivated by him, she was staring at his lips, mesmerized.

”Do we go on, or you still want to leave?” He bit her earlobe, making Jane moan. ”Don’t stop” she pleaded.

“You have no idea what you do to me” he says caressing her chin, as he unbottoned her top, dropping feathery kisses on her neck, collarbone, and then he dropped the top on the floor, she had on a lacy black bra.

He steps back to gaze at her, “f–k you are beautiful Jane” Jane closed the gap between them and slammed her lips against his, she wasn’t going let his mother tell her what to do.

“Easy there now, remember you want to take my mother’s advice” he cautioned.

“Please stop talking and kiss me already” he carried her against his body, she wrapped her legs around him, as he carried her to the bed. Jane can never wrap her head around, how Jeffery lifts her off the floor like she is weightless.

30 minutes later, Her body quivered and splintered into a thousand pieces underneath him. And he comes calling out her name, then he stills, as he empties himself into her.

She closed her eyes, trying to keep her body under control, trying to absorb the tumultuous feeling that he just unleashed in her. As Jane closed her eyes to sleep, her legs wrapped around Jeffery, she knew she just disobeyed her mother in-law to be, for the first time, and she wasn’t even married to her son yet.

Jane opened her eyes to find her right leg was thrown over Jeffery’s body, and he had his left hand wrapped around her in a protective manner, the way he held her brought smile to her face. She used her fingers to trace his pouty lips as he slept. Most times she still can’t believe that soon, this incredibly handsome, and caring man would become her husband, and she his wife. She wonders if their children was going to have his features or hers, were they going to start trying to have children immediately after they were married, or were they going to wait? This made Jane to frown because she and Jeffery hasn’t even discussed the issue of children, how many were they going to have?

“And what could you be thinking about, that’s making you frown your beautiful face?” Jeffery asked with a sleepy voice, his eyes half closed.

“Good morning” Jane’s fingers were still on his lips.

“Good morning, how was your night?” He s—-d on her index finger.

“Do you need ask? It was awesome” it was indeed awesome, for they made love all night, exploring each other’s body. Not only did Jane disobey her soon to be mother in-law, but she disobeyed her several times, for she and Jeffery made love several times last night, she feared might not be able to walk in the morning. She didn’t know she had such a high sex drive before now, it’s as if Jeffery unlocked something within her, that makes her to always want him whenever he touched her, and surprisingly she has been able to keep up with his own sex drive.

“Hmmmmm” Jeffery kissed the corner of her mouth. “I’m glad you had an awesome night, because I did too. You haven’t still answered my question, what was making you frown?”

“It just occurred to me, that we haven’t discussed when we are going to start having children, if it’s going to be immediately after our wedding, or we are going to wait for sometime?”

“What do you want, do want to have kids immediately or would you like to wait?”

“I wanted to know, what you wanted, that was why I asked”

Jeffery put his hands under the duvet, and drew her closer to himself. “We are going to be partners in this, and I don’t think it will be fair on you, if I decided on when we should start having kids, as you will be the one doing the major work here. So what do you want?”

“So, does that mean you are going to agree with whatever decision I made on this?”

“Not really, if it’s not something that I like, then we can find a way to meet ourselves halfway”

“You are so sweet” Jane kissed him on the forehead. “I would like to wait at least a year, before trying for kids, as that would give me sometime to start up my business”

“That’s totally fine by me, it also gives me time to have my wife all to myself” he whispered into her ears, and nibbled gently on her earlobes, causing a soft moan to escape Jane’s lips. Jeffery knew her ear was a part of her weak spot, and he never failed to use it. “So we will until after a year then”

“How many children would you like to have?” She asked, after she has been able to regain her composure.

“I would love to have four kids, how about you?”

“I would like to have two”

“Two is too small now, four is a perfect number”

“No two, remember I’m the one carrying the kids?”

“How about three?”

“I will think about it, but for now, I still want just two kids”

“Alright” Jeffery caressed her back, and when he got to her butt, he cupped one of her butt cheeks.

Jeffery carried her into the bathroom, where they showered together and ended up having another round of sex in the shower.

When they were out of the shower, Jeffery ordered for food to be brought to them from a nearby restaurant, and they had their breakfast in bed.

Jeffery was in a deep sleep, when he heard his phone ringing, he used his hands to search for it with his eyes closed. He finally found it, at the edge of the bed.

“Hello?” He answered with a grumpy voice.

“Jeffery are you still sleeping? Come and open your door”

“Aunty Ajoke?” He looked at the phone to see who was calling, because he didn’t bother to check it before picking up the call.

“Yes it’s me, oya come and open your door, we are at your door”

“We?” Jeffery asked, as he slowly got up from the bed to avoid waking up Jane, who was still sleeping. He grabbed his sweat pant, alongside a shirt off the chair. He wore them and went downstairs to open the door for his aunt.

Jeffery opened the door, and found his mother and her younger sister, standing there.

“Mum, aunty Ajoke? Come in” he stepped out of the door so they could go into the house.

“Good afternoon ma” he prostrated in greeting after they had gotten inside.

“Kpele oko mi” his aunty tapped him on the shoulders.

“Please have your seats, I wasn’t expecting you both”

“We were coming back from church and decided to come pay you a visit” his mother said as she took her seat.

“You both now attend the same church?”

“No, I decided to attend your mother’s church today”

Jeffery looked at both of them suspiciously, what could they be up to? Whenever these two are found together, then something was definitely fishy. And most times, it wasn’t always something good.

“That reminds me, did you go to church today? This one you are sleeping by this time of the day?” Aunty Ajoke asked him.

Jeffery looked at his wall clock, and discovered it was already 2pm. “Emm not really” he itched his ear as he spoke.

“Jeffery Ademola, this is not how I trained you o, I didn’t train you to become a pagan”

“Mummy, I’m not a pagan I just didn’t go to church today”

“Ehn, that is by the way, we actually came here for a different reason” aunty Ajoke shifted to the edge of her seat as she spoke.

“Oh okay, why are you here then?”

“I was told by your mother here, that the girl you want to marry is an orphan?”

Trust his mother to always find a way to tell someone else, anything you tell her in secret, no wonder his father calls her; Nigerian BBC.

“Yes aunty, she is an orphan” Jeffery finally answered after giving his mother a deadly look.

“So who are we going to pay her bride price to then?”


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